Pełna historia zmian IrfanView

IrfanView 4.42 (Data wydania: 2016-03-10)

- New File menu: Save Selection as (Hotkey: CTRL + SHIFT + B)
- New option in Capture dialog: Show timer countdown
- New option in Export Tiles dialog: Extract all pages from multipage files
- New option in Fine Rotation dialog: Select "best" old image
- New option in Print dialog: No image overflow on page
- New HTML-Export dialog option: Copy extra files to destination folder (prepare a "copy_files.txt" file with filenames)
- Some PCX/BMP/PPM loading bugs fixed (thanks to Moshe Kaplan)
- Improved FITS format loading
- New text pattern: $R = image aspect ratio (width/height)
- New hotkey: CTRL + Click into selection = clear selection
- Some minor fixes (Thumbnails/folder scan)
- Some workarounds for Windows-10 bugs/issues (Installer signature, Associations)

IrfanView 4.41 (Data wydania: 2015-11-29)

- 64-bit version: Use 32-bit TWAIN drivers if 64-bit drivers not installed
- New dialog/GUI on Windows tablets ("2 in 1", Thanks to Arun Anbu from Intel)
- New hotkey: SHIFT + Tab: Start/End Tablet mode dialog
- New hotkey: CTRL + Insert: Edit->Copy
- New Slideshow hotkey: Q = Pause/Resume a timer slideshow
- New option for /info command line: write CSV file: /info=infofile.csv
- Added PlugIns-Installer options for: /silent and /folder (Check FAQs page)
- "Amazon 1Button App" offer removed
- Some fixes (Auto color correction, PNG compression, UNC-Paths in 64-bit)

IrfanView 4.40 (Data wydania: 2015-07-31)

- The 64-bit version of IrfanView is available:
The 64-bit version is faster for very large images (25+ Megapixels)
- Option to support IrfanView by installing "Amazon 1Button App" (OPTIONAL !)
- Support for animated PNG files (APNG)
- EXIF date (taken) sort menu added to main window sort menu
- New Sort dialog option: Sort by EXIF date (date taken)
- New toolbar item: Zoom box with common values (Properties->Toolbar)
(You can also write a new value and press Enter)
- New PDF PlugIn (enable in Properties->PlugIns->PDF)
- New in Thumbnails window: Export image tiles for selected files (batch mode)
- Load cursors and bitmaps from EXE/DLL files (Thanks to Jason Hood)
- Option to set a custom font for TXT loading (Properties->Browsing/Editing)
- Option to use left mouse button for fullscreen scrolling (for touch screens)
- The 2 GB limit for EXE/SCR-Slideshow files changed (now: 4 GB, Windows EXE limit)
- New Fine Rotation method/option added (faster for very large images)
- New option for the Red-Eye-Correction effect (dialog): Set gray intensity
- Some fixes in the Paint PlugIn
- New hotkey: CTRL + SHIFT and '+' or '-' to change GIF/ANI/PNG animation speed
- New hotkey: CTRL + SHIFT + mouse click: Create selection based on clipboard image
- New button in Batch processing dialog: Pause/Resume
- New button in Advanced batch dialog: Get current selection for cropping
- You can Drag&Drop (or Send To) multiple files to IrfanView shorcut or window
- PlugIns "Metadata" and "JPG-Transform" included in the IrfanView installer
- New command line option: /file=filename(s) => set the input filename(s) (at the end of the command chain)
- New command line option: /display=(x,y,w,h,zoom,scrollX,scrollY) => set position, size, zoom and scroll position of the window and image
- Command line: wildcards support for /extract (see "i_options.txt")
- Command line: /panorama, /multitif and /multipdf can use "filelist=txtfile" (see "i_options.txt" for examples)

IrfanView 4.38 (Data wydania: 2014-06-23)

- New Options menu/feature: Export image tiles (split image)
- New Options menu: Hotfolder (Watch folder and show new images)
- New view modes in Thumbnails window: Tiles, Details and List mode
- New feature: (new) "IrfanView Shell Extension" available on PlugIns website
(= adds Context menu with some IrfanView operations to Windows Explorer)
Thanks to Michael Dunn!
- New options in the "Adobe 8BF filters" dialog (Thanks to Frank/jazzman)
- Improved speed in the LCMS (Color Management) PlugIn
- Added support for old formats like: Amiga, Atari, C64, ZX Spectrum etc.
Thanks to Piotr Fusik! (RECOIL support in Formats PlugIn)
- New Print dialog features: Borderless print, Negative positions, better preview
- New command line option: /makecopy, a flag for /convert
=> if destination file exists, save new file as copy: (1), (2), (3) etc.
- Option to add max. 10 external editors (for advanced users): Properties->Misc
- Option to Drag&Drop current file to other programs: SHIFT + left mouse + drag
- New Print dialog option: Always use default printer at dialog start
- New hotkey: CTRL + SHIFT + N = Negative image (all channels)
- Better support for high resolution screens (high DPI)
- Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions: Download from:

IrfanView 4.37 (Data wydania: 2013-12-16)

- New options in Resample dialog: Use Resample filters for shrinking; Gamma fix
- Improved GIF animations
- Features from Adobe-8BF PlugIn (8BF_FILTERS.DLL) moved to Effects PlugIn
- New Image menu: Adobe 8BF PlugIns; with new fixed and dynamic PlugIns like:
Perspective Transformations and SmartCurve - big thanks to PlugIn authors!
- Option to set custom folder for Adobe 8BF PlugIns menu (Properties->PlugIns)
- Added Drag&Drop from Thumbnails window to other programs
- New menu: File->Open Recent Files (can be disabled in Properties->Misc)
- New option in Advanced Batch dialog: Don't shrink bigger images
- Added Center option for Crop in Advanced Batch dialog and /crop
- Replace Color option can work on selections
- GIF bug fixed (credits to Dmitry Janushkevich, Secunia Research, CVE-2013-5351)
- MrSID bug fixed (reported by Parvez Anwar via Secunia SVCRP, thanks!)
- Japanese folder bug fixed (reported by Asuka Nakajima, JPCERT/CC, CVE-2013-6932)
- Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions: Download from:

IrfanView 4.36 (Data wydania: 2013-06-27)

- New Lossless JPG Dialog option: Rebuild EXIF-Thumbnail
- Update of EXIF-Thumbnail on JPG-Lossless-Crop
- Option to Edit EXIF date/time (Options menu or Thumbnails window for batch mode)
- Improved color accuracy in "Decrease color depth" function
- Added "Best quality" option in "Decrease color depth" dialog (Thanks to Kornel Lesinski!)
- New (Freeware) PlugIn for DWG format - thanks to BabaCAD-Software guys!
- New feature: Replace Color (Image menu and Advanced Batch dialog)
- New feature: Create tiled image (Image menu)
- New effects PlugIn: Filter Sandbox (Image->Effects menu, JewelScript, thanks to Stefan Kuhn!)
- Option to invert single color channels only (Image menu)
- New Edit menu option: Show Grid (see also Properties->Editing for cell size)
- New Slideshow Burning PlugIn for WinXP SP3 or later (Thanks to Eric Haddan!)
- New display options added: Fit small image side to window/desktop
- Profiles option added to Batch Rename dialog
- New Advanced Batch dialog option: Set new image size in MegaPixels
- New options for Fine Rotation effect: Keep old image size and background
- New feature in Color Corrections dialog: Change White Balance
- New effect in "Image->Add border/frame" dialog: Inside fading frame
- New Thumbnails menu: Extract pages from selected multipage files
- New Add Text dialog effect: Filled outline text (Thanks to Wong Shao Voon)
- Negative and Grayscale menus can work on selections
- Improved selection handling with large zooms
- Updated Icons-Plugin (bigger/nicer icons, thanks to Florian Kilzer)
- New hotkeys: CTRL + SHIFT + left/right arrow: Fine rotation, 0.10 deg
- New hotkeys: CTRL + SHIFT + up/down arrow: Fine rotation, 0.05 deg
- Batch-Scan dialog: some placeholders can be used for the filename (help file)
- New text placeholders to add $ and | characters (see help file)
- New (admin) INI file option: Set save formats in Save-As dialog (see FAQs)
- New hotkey for slideshow mode: SHIFT + Z = show all or portrait/landscape images
- Hotkey: G = stop or resume GIF/ANI animation (browse frames/pages if stopped)
- DCX/ANI loading bug fixed (reported by FuzzMyApp, thanks!)
- FPX bug fixed (reported by Secunia/Krystian Kloskowski, thanks!)
- Added reading support for 32-bit (96 BPP) TIF images
- New command line option: /multipdf (same syntax as /multitif)
- Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions: Download from:

IrfanView 4.35 (Data wydania: 2012-11-07)

- New Add Text dialog features: No selection needed, Preview, Effects etc.
- Option to save profiles (Add-Text, JPG-Save and Color Correction dialog)
- New capture dialog option: Capture fixed screen rectangle; Stop timer
- New transparency save option: Use main window color (GIF, PNG, ICO)
- New file handling option: Remove sidecar files (Properties->File Handling)
- New options in Watermark dialog: Preview, Click to preview
- New folder browsing options in: Properties->Browsing (stop on folder end)
- The EXIF-Thumbnail will be updated during saving as JPG
- New (Freeware) PlugIn for DXF format - thanks to BabaCAD-Software guys!
- New RAW format options in Properties->PlugIns
- New menu: View->Multipage images->Auto show page thumbnails dialog
- New print option for multipage images: Print specific pages
- Option to Set selection rectangle color (Properties->Editing)
- Context menu for video player (Copy frame, change volume)
- New display menu option: Apply Sharpen after Resample
- New button in Batch dialog: Save filenames as TXT file
- New Thumbnail menus: Start Multipage TIF/PDF dialog with selected files
- Thumbnails folder tree: CTRL + click = Load thumbs from all subfolders
- New option for FLV files: Play in main window (Properties->Video)
- New options in Batch rename dialog (create duplicate files)
- Option to save custom dimensions in Resize and Custom-Selection dialog
- Updated TIF loader
- Updated DJVU PlugIn, thanks to guys from Caminova!
- Command line: wildcards support for /multitif and /panorama (see i_options.txt)
- Command line switch for /info: /shortinfo (write just file index and name)
- Command line option for EXE Slideshow: /clearmonitors (clear other monitors)
- Command line option "/append" can be now also used with "/scan"
- New placeholder: $Q (get "correct" file extension, if possible)
- New placeholder: $P (print size, from image->info dialog)
- New fullscreen/slideshow hotkey: C = center image, On/Off
- F8 key now allowed in slideshow mode: copy current file
- Some TIF/GIF/CLP loading bugs fixed (thanks to Codenomicon Fuzz-o-Matic guys!)
- PCX/XCF/ECW loading bug fixed (reported by FuzzMyApp, thanks!)
- FPX/RLE/TTF/DJVU bug fixed (by Francis Provencher via Secunia SVCRP, thanks!)
- JLS (CharLS) loading bug fixed (reported by Joseph Sheridan, thanks!)
- PIC format removed (Softimage PICT, loading bugs)
- NLM format removed (Nokia LogoManager formats, loading bugs)
- Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions: Download from:

IrfanView 4.33 (Data wydania: 2012-03-28)

- Improved rotation speed for 1 BPP images
- New Advanced Batch dialog option: Change order of operations
- New Thumbnails window option: Try to load EXIF-Thumbnail for JPG files
- Simple Drag&Drop feature from Thumbnails window added
(Load files from Thumbnails in another programs/editors)
- Selection: hold ALT key pressed during drawing to make a proportional selection
with the inverted ratio from "Create Custom selection" dialog
- New effect added: Horizontal Shift (Effects browser dialog)
- New option in "Decrease color depth" dialog: Convert 24 BPP to RGB-565
- New option in Resize dialog: Auto adjust DPI based on new sizes
- New option in Add-Text dialog: Adjust font size to current zoom-in size
- Support for JPEG-XR format (HDP PlugIn)
- Possible Thumbnail/Resample problem on Win7-64 bit fixed
- FSH format (reading) removed (PlugIn bugs)
- DIB-RLE bug fixed (reported by Parvez Anwar via Secunia SVCRP, thanks!)
- JPG-2000 PlugIn crashes fixed (by Parvez Anwar/Secunia and FuzzMyApp, thanks!)
- ANI/EMF/JPM loading bugs fixed (reported by FuzzMyApp, thanks!)
- SGI bug fixed (reported by Gynvael Coldwind, thanks!)
- Some new Admin INI file options added (Toolbar, Browsing, Delete); see FAQs
- Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions: Download from:

IrfanView 4.32 (Data wydania: 2011-12-15)

- Improved Resampling (Speed; Lanczos artefacts: thanks to Marcel Lancelle)
- New feature: Add watermark image (Edit menu and Advanced batch dialog)
- Improved zooming: CTRL + wheel (keep mouse coordinates) and centered zoom
- Support for WebP format (Weppy format, PlugIn, reading + saving)
- Support for PDN format (Paint.NET format, PlugIn, thanks to Martin Osieka)
- Support for XCF format (GIMP format, PlugIn, thanks to Martin Osieka)
- Face Detection Plugin (Thumbnails window, thanks to MulticoreWare guys)
- New JPG save option: Try to save with original (estimated) JPG quality
- Improved/changed sort menus (XP/natural order)
- New batch rename option: Run test rename
- New Thumbnails menu: Refresh selected thumbs
- Batch dialog, Output directory: Placeholders are now allowed
- New Properties dialog: Zoom / Color management
- New expert zoom option: Edit table with fixed zoom values (Properties->Zoom)
- New fullscreen options: Center image, Text layer (Properties->Fullscreen)
- New option in "Create multipage TIF/PDF" dialog: Load filenames from TXT file
- New options in JPG IPTC/Comment dialogs: Allow Unicode PlugIn to change text
- New command line option: /cmdexit (close current IrfanView after command line)
- TIF/FPX bug fixed (reported by Secunia, thanks!)
- New special INI option to hide common folders in Open/Save dialog (see FAQs)
- New hotkey: CTRL + SHIFT + K = Keep Scroll position

IrfanView 4.30 (Data wydania: 2011-06-20)

- Faster JPG loading! (Thanks to D. R. Commander for libjpeg-turbo)
- New Paste options: Paste on left/right/top/bottom (Edit->Paste Special)
(see also the new option: Properties->Editing->Fit clipboard image)
- Changes in Open/Save dialogs (Recent folders box, View mode is remembered)
- Menu "File->Recent directories" removed (MRUDs are now in the Open dialog)
- New options in Canvas Size dialog
- EXIF + IPTC PlugIns merged into Metadata-Plugin
- New option in JPG IPTC/Comment dialogs: Allow placeholders
- New option in JPG IPTC dialog: Batch editing (if started from Thumbnails)
- New options in Capture dialog (send to Clipboar- New File menu: Save Selection as (Hotkey: CTRL + SHIFT + B) - New option in Capture dialog: Show timer countdown - New option in Export Tiles dialog: Extract all pages from multipage files - New option in Fine Rotation dialog: Select "best" old image - New option in Print dialog: No image overflow on page - New HTML-Export dialog option: Copy extra files to destination folder (prepare a "copy_files.txt" file with filenames) - Some PCX/BMP/PPM loading bugs fixed (thanks to Moshe Kaplan) - Improved FITS format loading - New text pattern: $R = image aspect ratio (width/height) - New hotkey: CTRL + Click into selection = clear selection - Some minor fixes (Thumbnails/folder scan) - Some workarounds for Windows-10 bugs/issues (Installer signature, Associations) d, Printer, new name patterns)
- Option to show Alpha channel for TIF/PNG/TGA files (menu: Image->Show channel)
- Option to show TIF alpha/transparency (for 32 bit RGBA images, Properties->Viewing)
- Added basic support for EXIF saving from Digi-Cam RAW formats to JPG
- The Effects dialog can be resized/maximized
- AltaLux Effect/PlugIn added (Image->Effects menu, Thanks to Stefano Tommesani)
- Option to set a tolerance value for "Auto crop borders" (Properties->Editing)
- New Advanced-Batch dialog: Crop width/height can be negative (crop from end)
- New option in batch rename dialog: Remember last rename counter
- Support for MPO format (Multi Picture Object, first 2 images can be loaded)
- Support for GLCD format (Formats PlugIn)
- DEL key now allowed in slideshow mode: delete current file
- New hotkeys: SHIFT + 1-3: Start external editor 1-3
- New hotkey: SHIFT + "." (point): Toggle slideshow modes: random <-> automatic
- Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions
- Some minor bugs fixed (ALT+F4)

IrfanView 4.28 (Data wydania: 2010-12-16)

- Option to support IrfanView by installing Google Chrome browser (OPTIONAL !)
- New multipage images feature: Show page thumbnails (Hotkey: F10, menu: View)
(Uses thumbnail settings from Thumbnails window, use TAB for focus change)
- New multipage images option: Change pages using Page keys (Properties->Browsing)
- New color management option in Properties->Viewing: Set input ICC profile file for images without embedded ICC profile (default: sRGB)
- New edit menu: Show selection grid (None, Golden Ratio, Thirds)
- New edit menu: Redo (one step, hotkey: CTRL + J)
- Video Playbar showed if DirectShow option used (Fullscreen: B = toggle playbar) (see Hotkeys help page; Thanks to Henner Helmers for testing)
- Option to show an image color channel, menu: "Image->Show channel" and
- Option show the channel as color or grayscale (Properties->Browsing/Editing)
- Selection: hold CTRL key pressed during drawing to make a proportional selection with the ratio from "Create Custom selection" dialog
- New selection hotkeys:
ALT + arrows: change width/height of the selection rectangle
CTRL + arrows: proportional resize of the selection rectangle
Arrows: If no scrollbars visible: Move selection rectangle
- New placeholder options for: $D, $d, $F and $N => allow partial text, example:
$N[0-5] => get first 5 characters from the file name
- New window display options: Fit to window width/height
- New Email PlugIn option: Resize large images (Advanced options work on the first page only)
- New Batch resize option: Resize based only on new/old DPI value
- Vertical and horizontal flip can be applied on selections
- New print dialog option: Collate (for multiple copies of multipage images)
- New Insert-Text dialog options: Antialiased text and Centered (batch mode)
- New Sort dialog option: Insert before selected file (for Batch/Slideshow)
- New JPG-Transform PlugIn option: Write/remove JFIF JPG header
- New Capture dialog feature: Set timer value as decimal number
- New hotkey: click into image + SHIFT = copy hex color value to clipboard
- New thumbnail sizes for 3:2, 4:3 and 16:9 ratios (Thumbnail window options)
- New selection color/method for items in Thumbnails window
- Improved extraction of video frames (more formats supported if Codecs installed)
- New feature for advanced users: define an external editor for every extension => see FAQs for an example, [CustomEditors]
- New PNG save option: Save transparency as Alpha channel (Thanks to Thomas Henlich)
- Command line: /advancedbatch and /convert can process all pages from multipage TIF
- Command line: /extract works now for GIF/ANI animations too
- New command line option: /export_pal=palfile (export palette to a PAL file)
- New hotkey: SHIFT + F5 = Refresh (force resample, if set in display options)
- New hotkey: SHIFT + Home/End = Load first/last page in a multipage image
- New hotkey: CTRL + D = Image->Add border/frame
- New hotkey: CTRL + SHIFT + X = Set as wallpaper: Proportional
- Menu change: Create max. custom selection moved to "Create maximized selection"
- At request of Luratech: removed support of LWF/LDF formats (projects/formats stopped, buffer overflows reported)
- Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions

IrfanView 4.27 (Data wydania: 2010-05-09)

- Updated/improved TIF loader
- Save dialog: if you write file extension, the right file type is selected
- New edit menu: Crop visible window area (incl. zoom)
- The internal selection code has been changed (to fix some rounding errors)
- New capture option: Object capture (with auto scroll, if possible)
- New button in Batch progress dialog: Return to batch (use same files again)
- New JPG save dialog option: Keep XMP data (from original JPG file)
- New command line option: /effect=(effect-nr,value1,value2) Apply effect from Effects-Browser dialog, Example: Apply Blur of 30 i_view32.exe c:\image.jpg /effect=(1,30,0)
- New option in Print dialog: Auto rotate (based on image dimensions)
- New HTML dialog option: Create thumbs without frame/border
- PSD loading bug/crash fixed (PSD bug reported by Secunia, thanks!)
- Support for BLP format (BLP-2, Formats PlugIn)
- Fixed problem in "Create multipage PDF" dialog
- Batch conversion of multipage images to multipage PDF is now possible (Advanced options work on the first page only)
- New image menu: Add border/frame (Thanks to Balazs from
- New edit menu: Create maximized current custom selection (using dialog values)
- New edit menus: Create maximized selection (for some standard ratios)
- Bigger "Browse for folder" dialog
- New option in Properties->Browsing: Beep on folder loop (or screenshot save)
- New option for external editors: Send all filenames in one call (Properties->Misc)
- New option in Postscript PlugIn/Dialog: Set custom Ghostscript DLL location
- Another Blur effect added (Total variation method, thanks to Daniel Marks)
- New option in Properties->Extensions->Icons: Leave current icon (for XP only)
- Hotkey CTRL + A can be used to select and unselect whole image (toggle)
- New fullscreen hotkey: CTRL + SHIFT + W: Stretch images over all monitors (toggle)
- Hotkey: CTRL + right mouse drag: scroll image even if Conext menu option activated
- Change in CTRL + Print key action: minimize IrfanView window before capturing
- New HTML template variables: #IMAGE_PATH#, #IMAGE_BASENAME#, #IMAGE_EXT# and #SELF_LINK# (see help file, HTML Export page)
- Skin change problem on Linux/Wine fixed
- Some "Multipage images" menus moved from View to Options menu
- The hidden mouse in fullscreen/slideshow mode will be showed on mouse move
- New command line option: /random, can be used only with /wall
=> set random wallpapers, see "i_options.txt" for examples
- New feature for administrators: "DefaultLang" for INI file (set default language)
=> see FAQs for an example
- New Lossless JPG Dialog option: Perfect (error on non-perfect JPG images/sizes)
- New hotkey: SHIFT + Mouse-Wheel: scroll image horizontally
- New hotkeys: "=" for zoom in; CTRL + G = image->grayscale
- Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions

IrfanView 4.25 (Data wydania: 2009-06-16)

- New capture option: Region capture (Thanks to grebulon)
(as option in Capture dialog or hotkey: CTRL + PrintKey)
- OCR Feature/PlugIn added (Options menu, Hotkey: F9, full image or selection)
PlugIn download:
- New command line switches for /capture
4 = use region capture, 5 = start in capture mode using dialog settings
- New and re-arranged Properties dialogs
- New Color Management options in Properties->Viewing (new LCMS PlugIn needed)
- Burning PlugIn: can burn using Nero or Windows interface (WinXP or later)
- Support for JLS format (JPEG-LS, PlugIn by KATO Kanryu)
- Support for WBZ/WBC/WB1 formats (Webshots formats, PlugIn by V. Paramoshin)
- New display option: Use Resample for zooming (Menu: View->Display options)
- New fullscreen option: Use Resample for zooming (Properties->Fullscreen)
- Option to save changes on exit in now also used for image/file change
- New option in Batch-Scan dialog: Remember last scan counter
- Previous "Search files" dialog results showed again on next search
- Batch rename dialog: Last 15 rename patterns are saved
- New Thumbnails sort options: Sort by image DPI
- New placeholder: $p (image DPI)
- New buttons/options in File-Replace dialog for multiple files
- Resample bug with very special images fixed (TIF bug reported by Secunia, thanks!)
- The option "View->Lock zoom" works now with all display options
- Show PNG and TGA/DDS alpha color options merged (Properties->Viewing)
- New command line option: /reloadonloop
Reload input source used in /slideshow when list is finished
- Command line, /convert: exit codes added: 0 = OK, 1 = load error, 2 = save error
- Support for TIFs with 12 bits per channel
- New option in Postscript PlugIn: Enable Antialiasing for better quality
- New button in EXIF dialog: Show in GeoHack-Wiki (for GPS coordinates)
- New help menu: Check homepage for updates
- Browsing hotkey: CTRL + SHIFT + number (0-9), decrease file index by number
- Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions

IrfanView 4.23 (Data wydania: 2008-12-29)

- Added History list for Random slideshow ("No file repeat" removed)
- New multipage images menu: Create Multipage PDF
- Option to save changes on exit (Properties->Misc 1, default: OFF)
- TIF loading bugs fixed (Thanks to j00ru//vx)
- New command line option: /filelist=txtfile; Examples:
   i_view32.exe /filelist=c:\mypics.txt
   i_view32.exe /filelist=c:\mypics.txt /thumbs
   i_view32.exe /filelist=c:\mypics.txt /convert=d:\*.jpg
   => use files from mypics.txt as input for different operations - New Contact Sheet options: Set custom paper size and units
- Options to set start parameters for external editors (see Help file/button)
- External editor names are showed in the menu text
- New Panorama dialog option: Add space between images
- Browsing: if CTRL + number (0-9) pressed, the file index increases by number
- New wallpaper menu: Stretched - proportional
- New Slideshow dialog option: Remember last file index on exit
- New option to show DDS alpha color (Properties->Misc. 1)
- Support for WSQ format (Wavelet Scaler Quantization, PlugIn by Steven Venable)
- New Thumbnail option: Use full file path for sorting (if subfolders loaded)
- New thumbnails tree menu: Load subfolders
- New hotkeys: SHIFT + arrows = Move selection rectangle
- New hotkeys: SHIFT + N = Create new image; SHIFT + V = Add canvas;
   CTRL + SHIFT + Y = Auto crop borders; CTRL + SHIFT + J = Lossless JPG crop;
   SHIFT + O = Fit window to image; F11 = show/hide mouse in Fullscreen/Slideshow
- Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest IrfanViews
- Some minor bugs/features fixed/added (scrolling)
- Two small 4.22 bugs fixed: Next toolbar button, PDF saving

IrfanView 4.20 (Data wydania: 2008-07-16)

- Basic Unicode support added (Properties->Misc 1, thanks to Christophe Paris!)
- New zoom options; improved relative zoom (Properties->Viewing)
- Thumbnails can be sorted manually using drag/drop
- GIF animations can be played in fullscreen/slideshow mode
- New Advanced batch options: Fine rotation, Blur, Median ...
- Option to show TIF Annotations created by Kodak Imaging (Properties->Viewing)
- New JPG save option: Set file size (PlugIn: thanks to Lucian Sabo)
- New save menu: Save for Web (PlugIn: thanks to Lucian Sabo)
- New thumbnails options to disable or configure info text on mouse over
- New edit menu: Auto crop borders (remove outside lines/rows of same color)
- New feature in Canvas dialog: negative border sizes are allowed (border crop)
- New option in Capture dialog: Capture desktop on current monitor only
- New options in Custom selection dialog: Set custom ratio; Save values
- New slideshow option (window mode): Set window position
- New Fullscreen display options: Fit to screen width/height (Hotkeys: 5/6)
- IPTC data in TIF files can be showed (no editing yet)
- Fixed Thumbnails crash on multi core CPUs
- New command line option for EXE Slideshow: /window=(x,y,width,height)
- Option to set Status bar text using placeholders (Properties->Misc 3)
- Option for proportional paste into selection (Properties->Misc 3)
- Support for EXR format (PlugIn)
- Support for MAG format (MAKI, Formats PlugIn)
- Default display option is now: Fit only big images to desktop
- Expanded Copy/Move dialog (4 more folders)
- New Edit menu: Maximize and center selection (hold CTRL to center only)
- New option in Edit Palette dialog: Click on image to find color index
- New Thumbnails menu: Remove selected thumbs from list, Hotkey: Ctrl+Del
- New Thumbnails menu: Save selected files names as TXT
- New Thumbnails menu: Start Panorama dialog with selected files
- The Enhance/Correct colors dialog can be resized/maximized
- Enhanced TIF-LZW saving with 24 BPP images (smaller files are created)
- New command line option: /jpg_rotate=(...values...)
   JPG lossless rotation, see i_options.txt for examples
- New command line option: /transpcolor=(r,g,b)
   Set transparent color: can be used for GIF/PNG/ICO saving
- New Hotkey: SHIFT + F = Fit only big images to desktop
- New Hotkey: SHIFT + W = Fit images to window
- New Hotkey: NUM-PAD 5 = Scroll to image center
- New Hotkey/Menu: CTRL + N = Open current file in another IrfanView window
- New Thumbnails option: Auto scroll during creation
- New option in JPG IPTC/Comment dialog: Append text to old text
- Scan dialog: 'Skip existing files' works also for multipage TIF files
- Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest IrfanViews
- Some minor bugs/features fixed/added (scrolling)

IrfanView 4.10 (Data wydania: 2007-10-15)

- New PlugIn: Paint (Edit menu, Hotkey: F12, thanks to Matteo Italia!)
   It allows IrfanView to paint lines, circles, arrows, straighten image etc.
- Support for embedded color profiles in JPG/TIF (Properties->Viewing)
   LCMS PlugIn, thanks to Marti Maria
- New command line option: /advancedbatch (Apply advanced batch options to image)
   Allows many image operations, add text etc.
- Lossless JPG Crop added (Menu: Options or Thumbnails (batch mode))
- Added option to tag/mark files during browsing (window or fullscreen mode):
   Hotkeys: X = tag file, SHIFT+X = untag file, SHIFT+Q: show tagged files in Thumbnails
- Support for FLV format (Flash PlugIn, thanks to Remio)
- Histogram feature added (Menu: Image, Hotkey: SHIFT+H)
- Zoom calculation changed: relative, based on previous zoom value
- Auto adjust colors works with selections (Thanks to Andras Horvath,
- Option to save values from "Enhance Colors" dialog
- New effects added: Green and Yellow eye reduction (Effects browser dialog)
- Option to keep current scroll position for the next image (Menu: View)
- Support for HDP/WDP format (Microsoft HD Photo, PlugIn)
- Save support for JNG format (Thanks to Pavel Demchuk)
- New GUI for batch/slideshow dialogs
- Custom selection dialog uses current selection at start, if available
- New compression options in PDF export (Thanks to ComSquare AG)
- New loading options for normal RAW files (Thanks to Sergey Fokin)
- Fullscreen options can be changed during fullscreen mode
- Browsing: if CTRL pressed, the file index increases/decreases by 5 (default: 1)
- 3 external editors are possible now (Properties->Misc 3)
- New option for Import palette: Use nearest color (Properties->Misc 3)
- Changes in print option Scale (original image size is used as input)
- New print option for multipage images: Print odd or even pages
- Some changes/optimizations in HTML templates
- CTRL+A selects the whole image in the main window
- Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest IrfanViews
- Some bugs fixed (IFF/PCX/JP2 loading, GIF animations, Palette import)

IrfanView 4.00 (Data wydania: 2007-04-23)

- Improved Vista compatibility
- New display option: Center image in window (Menu: View->Display options)
- Toolbar skin option added (Properties->Toolbar)
   More Toolbar skins are available on the IrfanView homepage.
   => Users can send new Toolbar skins by email, Thanks guys!
- New Properties->Video option: Use DirectShow for playing (good for MJPG AVIs)
- New advanced batch option: Auto adjust colors
- "Enhance colors" can be now used on selections
- New EXIF dialog button: Show in Google Earth (if GPS data available)
- The EXIF dialog can stay displayed on screen
- Thanks to Dmitri Poguliayev for the new Vista icon!
- New Hotkey: CTRL + SHIFT + M = Show/edit JPG comment
- Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest IrfanViews
- Some bugs fixed (Start folder, RLE BMPs, ANI loading)

IrfanView 3.99 (Data wydania: 2006-11-16)

- Option to Search files (File menu or Thumbnails, Hotkey: CTRL+F)
- Support for PDF export (PlugIn) (Thanks to ComSquare AG)
- New Thumbnails option: Load file list from TXT
- New zoom workwise: Centered zoom or based on old scroll position
- Zooming and scrolling is now possible in slideshow mode
- Many new effects added: Unsharp mask, Fish Eye etc. (Thanks to GENiEBEN)
- New Flash Plugin for Flash 5 or later! (Thanks to Remio)
- Option to transfer files by FTP (Thumbnails window, PlugIn)
- Option to set the Start folder (Properties->Misc 2)
- New image option: Auto adjust colors (Thanks to Andras Horvath,
- New effect: Chromatic Aberration (Thanks to Thomas Strauss)
- Support for SIF format (Formats PlugIn)
- Support for PVR format (DreamCast Texture, Formats PlugIn)
- Support for AWD format (Artweaver Format, PlugIn)
- Support for VTF format (Valve Texture Format, PlugIn)
- WMF format check added, to avoid WMF vulnerability (Thanks to Jakub Debski)
- New Thumbnails sort options: Sort by portrait/landscape
- Fullscreen option: Use right mouse button for scrolling (Properties -> Misc 1)
- Fullscreen option: Set display multiplier (for wide screen displays)
- New placeholders for EXIF/IPTC: $E, $I => to load all EXIF/IPTC data
- Command line change for /resample! (see i_options.txt for examples)
- New command line options: /resize_long, /resize_short (see i_options.txt)
- New command line option: /panorama=(direction,file1,...,fileN)
- New command line options: /bright=value, /gamma=value
- Command line switch for /info: /fullinfo (write EXIF, IPTC and Comment)
- Updated CRW/CR2 PlugIn, please install newest Canon DLLs (see i_plugins.txt)
- Option to show a warning on ESC thumbnails exit (Thumbnails options)
- New options in dialog: Create custom selection
- Support for MP4 format (Quicktime PlugIn)
- At request of Luratech: JP2/JPM/LWF/LDF are not available in Batch mode
- New Hotkey: SHIFT + P = Copy current filename to clipboard
- Added YUV (4:2:0) format support to Formats PlugIn
- Help file format changed to CHM (Compatible with Windows Vista)
- Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest IrfanViews
- Some minor bugs/features fixed/added (add-all button, ANI/CUR loading, batch text)

IrfanView 3.98 (Data wydania: 2005-12-24)

- Option to support IrfanView by installing Google Toolbar and/or Google Desktop Search (OPTIONAL !)
- New Thumbnail window option: Load thumbs from all subfolders (CTRL+F)
- Alpha blending effect added for slideshow/fullscreen (Properties->Fullscreen)
- New options for fullscreen/slideshow: Set text position/alignment
- PlugIn for AFPL Ghostscript: PS, EPS, PDF formats (see Properties->PlugIns)
- Support for CGM/SVG formats : CADImage.DLL (Shareware, see i_plugins.txt)
- Support for HDR format (Formats PlugIn, thanks Kevin)
- New option for DigiCam RAW formats: Load half size image (Properties->PlugIns)
- New effects added: Sepia, Raindrops, Fragment etc. (Thanks to GENiEBEN :-)
- Option to set the start corner for crop and text-layout in batch mode
- New placeholders for Date/Time: %Y, %m, %d (see help file for examples)
- New placeholders: $M (multipage index), $d (directory name)
- Most of normal placeholders can be used for "/convert=" too
- Option to hide main window in Thumbnails mode (Properties->Misc 1)
- New lossless JPG dialog option: Set DPI value
- Set loading options for Ghostscript, MrSID, JPM: Properties->PlugIns
- New JPG save option: Reset EXIF orientation tag
- New advanced slideshow dialog option: Play in window mode
- Command line option for EXE Slideshow: /monitor=X (start on monitor X)
- Command line option: /dpi works now for /scan, /scanhidden and /batchscan
- New special INI options to hide caption/menu bar permanently (see FAQs)
- Support for 3GP format (Quicktime PlugIn)
- New hotkeys: Red eye, Fullscreen text, Direct print, Lossless JPG (see help file)
- Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest IrfanViews
- Some minor bugs/features fixed/added (slideshow, print)

IrfanView 3.97 (Data wydania: 2005-04-22)

- New "Browse Subfolders" dialog, when folder end/begin reached (CTRL+B)
- New JPG Transformation dialog option: Apply EXIF date/time to new file
- Zooming for videos added
- Option to show EXIF data from TIF files
- Support for Adobe DNG format (Formats PlugIn, thanks to Dave Coffin)
- Support for FITS format (Flexible Image Transport System, Formats PlugIn)
- Support for PIC format (Softimage PICT, Formats PlugIn)
- Support for WAL format (Quake 2 textures, Formats PlugIn)
- Improved multiple monitor support
- Batch scanning and Acquire merged into one menu
- Some loading bugs fixed, thanks to Bruno Rohee
- New PlugIn: PNGOUT (Optimized PNG saving, thanks to Ken Silverman)
- Changed hotkeys: CTRL+Home, CTRL+End = load first/last file in directory
- New hotkeys for Fullscreen display options (keys: 1, 2, 3, 4)
- Number of MRUDs extended to 10
- Some menu/properties rearrangements (Fullscreen, View->Display options)
- Thanks to Michael Ofner for help file updates/fixes
- Most PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest IrfanViews
- Some minor bugs/features fixed/added (crop, MS PNG bug, print dialog)

IrfanView 3.95 (Data wydania: 2004-10-26)

- New TIF save option: Save all pages from original image
- New batch option: Apply changes to all image pages (if TIF saving)
- New TIF option: Edit multipage TIF (Menu: View->Multipage images)
- Option to sort thumbnails using EXIF date (Thumbnails menu)
- Option to sort thumbnails using image width/height (Thumbnails menu)
- New image menu: Custom Rotation (Fine rotation)
- New JPG Transformation dialog option: Auto rotate (according to EXIF info)
- Option to show full file path in the title bar (Properties->Misc 1)
- New HTML dialog option: Choose folder with templates (for changed templates)
- Option to paste Text from Clipboard as image
- Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest IrfanViews
- Some minor bugs/features fixed/added (crop, MS PNG bug, print dialog)

IrfanView 3.92 (Data wydania: 2004-08-20)

- New JPG option: Auto-rotate image according to EXIF info (Properties->JPG)
- New advanced batch options: Set long/short side, load/save settings
- New options for DigiCam RAW formats (Properties->PlugIns)
- New options for multipage extract (View->Multipage images)
- Option to use eBay search in the toolbar (Properties->Misc 3). Note: this is OPTIONAL!
- New PlugIn for Dicom formats (DCM, ACR, IMA) - Option to show common shell folders in Thumbnail directory tree
- Support for CR2/X3F formats (Properties->PlugIns, see also i_plugins.txt)
- Option to sort files using the XP sort order (for names with digits)
- New PlugIn for DXF/DWG/HPGL formats : CADImage.DLL (Shareware, see i_plugins.txt)
- New hotkey: Shift+L = Lock/Unlock Zoom (fullscreen mode too)
- New/changed hotkeys: CTRL+P = print, CTRL+PageUp = previous multi-page, CTRL+PageDown = next multi page, Shift+T = toolbar edit field, Shift+M = send by email, CTRL+Shift+B = Batch scanning; (removed: CTRL+N)
- New options for toolbar edit field (file filter, see help file)
- New options for batch IPTC mode
- Some minor bugs/features fixed/added

IrfanView 3.91 (Data wydania: 2004-05-01)

- Option to enable/disable multiple monitor support (Properties->Misc 1)
- New command line option: /extract=(folder,extension)
   Example: i_view32 c:\multipage.tif /extract=(c:\temp,jpg)
   => Open 'c:\multipage.tif' and save all pages to 'c:\temp' as JPGs
- New command line option: /import_pal=palfile
   Example: i_view32 c:\test.bmp /import_pal=c:\mypalette.pal
   => Open 'c:\test.bmp' and apply a special palette
- Some minor bugs fixed (Print, EXE-Slideshow)

IrfanView 3.90 (Data wydania: 2004-04-09)

- Improved print dialog
- Improved Contact Sheet option
- New options for Slideshow/Fullscreen
- New options for Batch conIrfanView/rename
- New options for HTML export (Slideshow, Templates)
- New pattern/display options for: Slideshow, Fullscreen, Print, Insert Text, Contact Sheet,
   HTML-Export,Batch Rename (use EXIF/IPTC values)
- Transparent PNG saving added
- New option: Canvas size (Create image border) (Image menu and Batch mode)
- New hotkeys: E = show EXIF info, CTRL+I = show IPTC info, F4 = append current file to
- Option to start IrfanView in fullscreen mode (Properties->Misc 1)
- Selection: proportional resize possible (press/hold CTRL key down)
- New command line option: /multitif=(tifname,file1,...,fileN)
   Example: i_view32 /multitif=(c:\test.tif,c:\test1.bmp,c:\dummy.jpg)
   => Create multipage TIF (test.tif) from 2 other files
- New command line option: /append=tiffile
   Example: i_view32 c:\test.jpg /append=c:\test.tif
   => Open 'c:\test.jpg' and append it as (TIF) page to 'c:\test.tif'
- New command line options: /hflip and /vflip (horz. and vert. flip)
   Example: i_view32 c:\test.jpg /vflip
   => Open 'c:\test.jpg' and flip vertically
- New command line option: /batchscan=(options)
   See "i_options.txt" for an example
- New command line options: /jpgq=value; /tifc=value
   => Set JPG save quality; set TIF save compression
- New command line option: /wall=X
   Example: i_view32 c:\test.jpg /wall=0
   => Set 'c:\test.jpg' as wallpaper (centered)
- New command line option: /contrast=value
   Example: i_view32 c:\test.jpg /contrast=33
   => Open 'c:\test.jpg' and apply contrast (value 33)
- Support for DWG/HPGL formats. PlugIn: (Shareware)
- CTRL+T can be used for internal control-switch in the Thumbnail window
- CTRL+A hotkey changed to CTRL+SHIFT+A (File->Acquire)
- Multiple monitor support added (Slideshow/Fullscreen)
- ECW saving added to ECW PlugIn
- New options in Image->Info dialog
- Option to show a warning on ESC exit (Properties->Misc 1)
- Added options for silent install and uninstall (Check help FAQs)
- New command option: /aspectratio; Enable aspect ratio for /resize and /resample
- New command line option: /info=txtfile; Write image infos to text file
   Example: i_view32 c:\test.jpg /info=test.txt
   Example: i_view32 c:\*.jpg /info=jpgs.txt
- Most PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest IrfanViews
- Some minor bugs/features fixed/added

IrfanView 3.85 (Data wydania: 29.08.2003)

- The WBZ/WBC support has been removed! (At request of
- Support for Adobe 8BF filters: Image->Effects menu (PlugIn)
- Support for JPM format (JPEG2000/Part6, LuraDocument.jpm, PlugIn)
- Support for DDS format (Direct Draw Surface) (Formats PlugIn)
- Support for DXF format. PlugIn from: (Shareware)
- Support for DWG format (AutoCAD 13 or later, preview only)
- Simple saturation option added (Image->Enhance Colors and Batch mode)
- New options for GIF/ICO transparent saving (save dialog options)
- New edit menu: Create custom selection
- New advanced batch option: Add overlay text
- New batch scan option: Skip existing files
- The selection rectangle can be moved using the right mouse button
- Expanded Copy/Move dialog (more folders)
- Option to set JPG Comment/IPTC for multiple files (from Thumbnails window)
- Option to set the cut color (Properties->Misc 3)
- Option to sort files in "Create multipage TIF" dialog
- Option to set the start image index in the slideshow dialog (double click)
- Option to enable/disable dithering for color reduction
- New option: "Properties->Misc. 1->Show TGA alpha color"
- Improved JPG lossless operations: Use as JPG cleaner possible
- New options for HTML export
- Change: PSP, CAM, SFW formats moved to FORMATS PlugIn
- Wallpaper save location changed (Folder: "Application data")
- Slideshow movement in now possible in automatic mode too (space/backspace ...)
- Improved SGI, TIF reading
- Improved command line option: /slideshow; Examples:
   i_view32.exe /slideshow=folder
   i_view32.exe /slideshow=folder\*.jpg
- New command option: /aspectratio; Enable aspect ratio for /resize and /resample
- New command line option: /info=txtfile; Write image infos to text file
   Example: i_view32 c:\test.jpg /info=test.txt
   Example: i_view32 c:\*.jpg /info=jpgs.txt
- Most PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest IrfanViews
- Some minor bugs/features fixed/added (Filter Factory, RAW)

IrfanView 3.80 (Data wydania: 10.01.2003)

- New IPTC PlugIn (allows IPTC editing/saving)
- Option to edit/save JPG comments (IPTC PlugIn)
- Option to burn Slideshow to CD (Nero PlugIn, requires Nero Burning ROM)
- Support for WBZ/WBC formats (Webshots graphics, thanks to V. Paramoshin)
- Support for OGG sound format (SoundPlayer PlugIn, FMOD)
- New options in batch scan dialog (increment, digits, scan to multipage TIF)
- Experimental support for digital camera RAW formats:
   NEF, ORF, RAF, MRW and DCR (Formats PlugIn, thanks to David Coffin)
- Sort option for batch dialog files
- The Median filter is back (Effects PlugIn)
- New fullscreen option: Stretch all images to screen (properties->viewing)
- New thumbnail menu: Start batch dialog with selected thumbs
- New thumbnail menu: JPG lossless transformation with selected thumbs
- Improved HTML export (HTML browsing added)
- Added some options to Slideshow-EXE, press F1 key (Extract images)
- New command line option: /sharpen=value
   Example: i_view32 c:\test.jpg /sharpen=33
   => Open 'c:\test.jpg' and apply sharpen (value 33)
- New command line option: /hide=x; hide toolbar, status bar, menu or caption
   Example: i_view32 c:\test.jpg /hide=1
   => Open 'c:\test.jpg', hide window toolbar (read "i_options.txt" for more)
- Improved TIF/CLP/JPG reading
- Improved ICO reading (multiple ICO handled as other multipage formats)
- New INI-Option for Administrators (check Help->FAQs)
- These PlugIns are changed/added, please install the newest IrfanViews:
   CRW, DJVU, ECW, Effects, EXIF, Flash, Formats, IPTC, JPG2000, Slideshow,
   JPG-Transformation, SFF, Video, SoundPlayer, Nero
- Some minor bugs/features fixed/added

IrfanView 3.75 (Data wydania: 15.07.2002)

- Support for ICS format (Image Cytometry Standard) (PlugIn)
- Support for CDR/CMX format (Corel Draw Format) (Preview only)
- Improved MPG thumbnail support
- MPG/AVI frames can be extracted from the Options menu
- Option to control keeping of JPG EXIF/IPTC/Comment data (Save options->JPG)
- Option to save files with original date/time (Save and Batch dialog)
- Option to edit extensions for browsing (Properties->Extensions dialog)
- Option to import palettes (PaintShopPro format, menu: Image->Palette)
- New option for batch rename: Overwrite existing files
- Added RAW saving (Formats PlugIn)
- New option in "Properties->Misc. 2": Send short file name to external editor
- Improved "Edit->Add Text" feature
- Change DPI option moved to Image->Info dialog
- New command line option: /filepattern="pattern"; read specific files only
   Example: i_view32.exe c:\images\ /thumbs /filepattern="*.jpg"
   => Go to folder "c:\images\" and show JPG thumbnails only
   Example: i_view32.exe c:\images\ /thumbs /filepattern="123*.jpg"
   => Go to folder "c:\images\" and show JPG names "123*" as thumbnails
- New command line option: /gray
   Example: i_view32 c:\test.jpg /gray
   => Open 'c:\test.jpg' and convert to grayscale
- New command line option: /rotate_r
   Example: i_view32 c:\test.jpg /rotate_r
   => Open 'c:\test.jpg' and rotate to the right
- New command line option: /rotate_l
   Example: i_view32 c:\test.jpg /rotate_l
   => Open 'c:\test.jpg' and rotate to the left
- New command line option: /swap_bw; Swap black and white color in the image
   Example: i_view32.exe c:\test.bmp /swap_bw
- These PlugIns are changed/added, please install the newest IrfanViews:
   EXIF, IPTC, Formats, CRW, ECW, MP3
- Some minor bugs/features fixed/added (EXIF, Batch)

IrfanView 3.70 (Data wydania: 20.04.2002)

- Creating of EXE/SCR files for presentations (in Slideshow dialog)
- Support for MNG/JNG formats (PlugIn)
- Support for BodyPaint 3D format (PlugIn)
- Support for MrSID format (PlugIn)
- Support for ECW format (PlugIn)
- Support for MRC format (PlugIn)
- Support for WAD format (WAD3, thanks to DrkShadow, PlugIn)
- Support for TTF format (True Type Fonts, in Formats PlugIn)
- Support for RAW format (in Formats PlugIn)
- Support for Canon CRW format (high resolution, VERY slow, using Canon DLLs, PlugIn)
- New option: "Properties->PlugIns->Set TTF text"
- Option to activate the Canon CRW PlugIn: "Properties->PlugIns"
- New menu: Image->Effects browser (Effects preview + settings)
- New effect: "Image->Red eye reduction" (in the selection), very simple
- New nice feature: Create Panorama Image (image menu)
- Improved resize/resample dialog (support for cm/inch resize)
- Improved batch dialog: Advanced batch options are saved
- New option: "Properties->Misc. 1->Close TWAIN after acquire" (Default: ON)
   (Setting OFF can be used for manual batch scanning)
- New option: "Properties->Misc. 1->Show PNG alpha/transparency color"
- New nice feature: support for TXT format, see also: "Properties->Misc. 3"
- New menu: File->Open ASCII file (TXT, INI, HTML, C, H, PAS, JAVA, DFM etc.)
- The selection can be resized using left mouse button
- Zoom into selection with the left mouse button (zoom to window)
- New feature for administrators: "ShowExtensionsDlg" for INI file, example:
   => hide the extension dialog from properties
- EXIF information from JPGs is also saved in a new JPG
- New EXIF PlugIn
- New multipage TIF option: "Append image to TIF" (view->multipage images)
- Toolbar can be customized: "Properties->Misc. 3" or double click on toolbar
- The left/right keys (<-,->) can be also used for browsing through directory
- Improved black/white TIF saving ("fixed" old and stupid 'Windows Imaging' bug)
- Context menu for Thumbnail tree
- New command line option: /bpp=BitsPerPixel
   Example: i_view32.exe c:\test.jpg /bpp=8
   Supported BPP-values: 1, 4, 8 and 24 (decrease/increase color depth)
   => Open 'c:\test.jpg' and reduce to 256 colors
- MP3 player is hidden in slideshow mode (can be used for background music)
- New print option for multipage images in print dialog: Page range
- FSH format saving added, thanks to GreyMana
- Improved command line option "/print"; Support for custom printers:
   Example: i_view32.exe c:\test.jpg /print="Printer Name"
- Improved command line option "/ini" = support for custom folders:
   Example: i_view32.exe /ini="c:\temp\"
- New options in "Properties->Misc. 2" for slideshow/batch dialogs
- Two new variations for "fit to desktop": fit to desktop width/height
- Option to stretch small images for Contact sheet and Thumbnails
- "Count colors used" moved to Image info dialog
- These PlugIns are changed/added, please install the newest IrfanViews:
   Formats, Flash, EaFSH, SFF, DJVU, EXIF, JPG-Transformation, MP3, IPTC
- Some minor bugs/features fixed/added

IrfanView 3.61 (Data wydania: 03.12.2001)

- New command line option: /dpi=(xDpi,yDpi)
   Example: i_view32 c:\test.jpg /dpi=(300,300)
   => Open 'c:\test.jpg' and set DPI to 300x300
- Some minor bugs fixed (icons, HTML, commands)

IrfanView 3.60(Data wydania: 01.12.2001)

- Support for JPEG2000 format! Thanks to LuraTech! :-)
   (free saving up to 640x480 pixels)
- Improved Windows XP compatibility (associations)
- New "Properties->Extensions" dialog (please associate your old files again!)
- Associations: Option to set different icon for each format (Icons-PlugIn)
- Uninstall option available (program group or control panel)
- Support for FSH format (EA Sports FSH Format). Thanks to GreyMana! :-)
- New feature: Change DPI (image menu and in batch mode)
- Added support for TIFs with old JPEG compression
- Added support for TIFs with old LogLuv compression
- New HTML export options
- New slideshow advanced option: "Auto sort after insert"
- Last used Batch/Slideshow directory will be saved
- New print option: "Original size" (calculate print size from image DPI)
- New option: "Properties->Extensions->Add as application for USB events"
- New option: "Properties->Video->Hide playbar in fullscreen mode"
- New option: "Properties->Others 1->Show hidden files during browsing"
- New option: "Properties->Others 2->Use right mouse button for context menu"
- Option to hide/show program menu: "View->Menu bar" (ALT + SHIFT + M)
   => not saved at exit, for advanced users only
- Option to hide/show program caption: "View->Caption" (ALT + SHIFT + C)
   => not saved at exit, for advanced users only
- Improved command line option, support for wildcards (convert and print only):
   Example: i_view32.exe c:\*.jpg /convert=d:\temp\*.gif
   Example: i_view32.exe c:\*.jpg /resample=(500,300) /convert=d:\temp\*.png
   Example: i_view32.exe c:\*.jpg /print
- New command line option: /scan
   Example: i_view32.exe /scan
   Example: i_view32.exe /scan /convert=d:\temp\image.jpg
   => Acquire the image from the TWAIN device
- New command line option: /clippaste
   Example: i_view32.exe /clippaste
   => Paste the image from clipboard
- New command line option: /clipcopy
   Example: i_view32.exe c:\test.jpg /clipcopy
   => Copy the image to clipboard
- New command line option: /invert
   Example: i_view32.exe c:\test.jpg /invert
   => Make negative image
- New command line option: /silent
   => Don't show error message for command line read/save errors
- The /resize and /resample options can be used with percentages
   Example: i_view32 c:\test.jpg /resize=(150p,150p)
   => Open 'c:\test.jpg' and resize: width=150%, height=150%
- Change: the option "/print" will now print all pages from a multipage image
- Copy/Paste routine changed
- Some minor bugs/features fixed/added (crop)

IrfanView 3.51 (Data wydania: 20.08.2001)

- Support for Canon CRW format (JPG image only)
- Some minor bugs/features fixed/added

IrfanView 3.50 (Data wydania: 18.08.2001)

- New features for thumbnails:
   - Rename (click on file name or F2/F6)
   - Context menu (right mouse button)
   - Drag&Drop files to folders in directory tree (IrfanView internal drag&drop)
- New thumbnails feature: Send selected images by EMail
- New in "View->Create Multipage TIF/LDF": Select/add multiple files
- New feature: Copy Shop (File menu): Send image from scanner to printer
- Improved WMF/EMF reading
- Resample edge problem fixed
- Support for true color XPM images (FORMATS-PlugIn)
- New Email-PlugIn features: BCC field and editing for TO/CC/BCC fields
- New option in "Properties->Others 1": Load always next image on Page Up/Down
- New option in "Properties->Others 2": Select printer for the "/print" option
- Support for Nokia Phone Logo formats: NLM/NOL/NGG/NSL/OTB/GSM:
   Thanks to Mike Bradley! :-)
- New menu item: "Options->Change language"
- IPTC PlugIn: IrfanView can now show IPTC-Information in JPGs (Image->Info)
- Show JPG Comments in image info dialog
- New command line option: /ini
   Example: i_view32.exe /ini
   => Use "i_view32.ini" + "Slideshow.lst" from the Windows folder
- New option in JPG-Transformation-PlugIn: Save with original date/time
- Proportional sizing for command line options "/resize" and "/resample"
   Example: i_view32 c:\test.jpg /resize=(0,300)
   => calculate width automatically (aspect ratio)
   Example: i_view32 c:\test.jpg /resample=(300,0)
   => calculate height automatically (aspect ratio)
- These PlugIns are changed/added, please install the newest IrfanViews:
   Email, LWF, LDF, MP3, Formats, JPG-Transformation, EXIF
- Some minor bugs/features fixed/added

IrfanView 3.36 (Data wydania: 30.04.2001)

- New status bar entry: current directory index
- Some minor bugs fixed (video and languages)

IrfanView 3.35 (Data wydania: 26.04.2001)

- Multi language support ! Choose language in "Properties->Language"
   Please check this site for available languages and SDK for translators:
- New option: Set background color for main window (Properties->Viewing)
- New option: Set background color for fullscreen/text (Properties->Viewing)
- Change: INI file (i_view32.ini) is now saved in the IrfanView directory
- Change: Slideshow file (Slideshow.lst) is now saved in the IrfanView directory
- Improved capture option
- MP3 PlugIn updated: Support for M3U playlists
- New command line option: /resample=(w,h)
   Example: i_view32 c:\test.jpg /resample=(300,300)
   => Open 'c:\test.jpg' and resample: width=300, height=300
   (using the active resample filter from the INI file)
- New command line option: /capture
   Example: i_view32 /capture
   => Capture the whole screen and show the image in IrfanView
- The setting "Always on top" is saved to INI file
- The internal video/audio player is back as PlugIn (Properties->Video/Sound)
- The EXIF info dialog is moved to EXIF-PlugIn
- New thumbnail options: Set background color, Hide borders, Hide MRUDs, HTML-Export using relative paths
- The Email-PlugIn can send emails using MAPI protocol
- These PlugIns are changed/added, install the newest IrfanViews:
   Email, Formats, FlashPix, LDF, LWF, JPG-Transformation, IV_Player, MP3, Flash and Filter Factory, EXIF and Video
- Some minor bugs/features fixed/added

IrfanView 3.33 (Data wydania: 22.01.2001)

- Change: Video/Sound/Audio-CD formats moved to IV_Player-PlugIn:
- Support for Utah RLE file format:
- Support for SFF file format (Structured Fax File); Thanks to Peter Schaefer!:
- Change: Black background
- New: Status bar - for additional file infos
- Improved sharpen/blur effects (faster)
- Improved print option
- Improved zooming/scrolling
- New option: Load DJVU files with max. DPIs (Properties->Others 2)
- Change: "Resample" can be again used for Fit-To-Desktop (Properties->Viewing)
- The folowing plugins are updated, please install the newest IrfanViews: EMAIL, LDF, DJVU, FORMATS
- Support for PSP7 (PaintShopPro 7) files
- Some minor bugs/features fixed/added

IrfanView 3.30 (Data wydania: 04.11.2000)

- IrfanView can create multipage TIFFs (Menu: View->Multipage images)
- Email-PlugIn is available (send images as emails):
- New thumbnail option: Create contact sheet from selected thumbnails
- Support for MED/OctaMED sound file format:
- Improved print option
- New advanced batch option: Create subfolders in destination directory
- New view menu option: Fit only big images to window
- Change: RAS and G3 formats are moved to FORMATS PlugIn:
- Some minor bugs/features fixed/added

IrfanView 3.25 (Data wydania: 02.09.2000)

- LWF-PlugIn can save now images up to 4096x4096 pixels! Thank you LuraTech! :-)
- Support for LDF files (LuraDocument format, from LuraTech GmbH, Germany)
- IrfanView can create multipage LDFs (Menu: View->Multipage images)
- New feature: Selection/crop/cut now possible in zoom mode :-)
- Support for lossless JPG rotation/flip (Menu: Options->JPG Transformation):
- New advanced batch option: 'Crop' (Crop all images, set X, Y, Width, Height)
- New save option for PNGs: 'Set compression level' (Save dialog->Options)
- Change: 'Fit big images to desktop' moved to View menu
- Some minor bugs/features fixed/added

IrfanView 3.21 (Data wydania: 20.07.2000)

- The capture (hotkey) problem on some systems is fixed!
- New cut option: "Cut - leave selection" in Edit menu
- New thumbnail view menu: 'Directory tree' (hide/show directory tree)
- The hotkey "F" (View->Fit window/image to desktop) is back
- New command line option: /resize=(w,h)
  Example: i_view32 c:\test.jpg /resize=(300,300)
  => Open 'c:\test.jpg' and resize: width=300, height=300

IrfanView 3.20 (Data wydania: 12.07.2000)

- New feature: directory tree in thumbnail window :-)
- Added proportional scrollbars
- Improved capture option (capturing with hotkey, include mouse cursor)
- New: main window can be resized (see next line ...)
- New viewing options (menu: view, only one option is active):
   1) 'Fit window to image' (recommended)
   2) 'Fit image to window'
   3) 'Fit window/image to desktop'
   4) 'No fit'
- New view option: 'Lock zoom' (check/uncheck, valid for current session only)
- New option: 'Export palette' in menu 'Image->Palette' (PaintShopPro format)
- New dialog for 'Batch scanning'
- Support for Filters Unlimited: Menu 'Image->Effects->Filters Unlimited':
- Support for WAP WBMP format:
- Support for SGI (Silicon Graphics Image) format:
- Support for NCC information:
- Changed: Quicktime part is now moved to a plugin:

- Some IFF bugs fixed (HAM6 and 24 planes IFFs)
- Some minor bugs/features fixed/added

IrfanView 3.17 (Data wydania: 22.04.2000)

- Support for Macromedia's Flash/Shockwave format :-)
   (first NON-Macromedia Flash viewer!)
- MP3 plugin updated, please update:
- PhotoCD plugin updated, please update:
- DjVu plugin updated (smaller and faster), please update:
- Support for GEM IMG format
- New batch feature: batch rename
- New menu item: Help->Installed PlugIns
- New slideshow icon, thanks to Korogi and Hide from Japan :-)
- Some minor bugs/features fixed/added

IrfanView 3.15 (Data wydania: 20.03.2000)

- Support for FlashPix format :-)
- Support for XBM/XPM formats:
- Support for AT&T DJVU format:
- Improved support for PhotoCD format (support for all resolutions):
- The german help file is finished! :-)
- EXIF-JPG: IrfanView can now show EXIF-Information (FORMATS-plugin required!)
- New: preview in the slideshow dialog
- New menu item: "Create new image" (menu: image)
- Improved HTML-Export (check new options in Thumbnail-Window)
- New command line option: /page=PageNumber
  Example: i_view32 c:\test.tif /page=3
  => Open page number 3 from the multipage image 'c:\test.tif'
- New command line option: /crop=(x,y,w,h)
  Example: i_view32 c:\test.jpg /crop=(10,10,300,300)
  => Open 'c:\test.jpg' and crop: x-start=10, y-start=10, width=300, height=300
- New command line option: /print
  Example: i_view32 c:\test.jpg /print
  => Open 'c:\test.jpg', print the image to default printer and close IrfanView
- Support for Mouse-Wheel function (scrolling, moving to next/previous image)
- New thumbnail feature: 'Start slideshow with selected thumbs'
- View menu: "Best fit to desktop" moved to "Image" menu !

IrfanView 3.12 (Data wydania: 30.01.2000)

- New plugin, allows IrfanView to play MP3/MP2/MP1 files: :-)
- Support for Dicom/ACR format:
- Support for Mosaic format:
- New image menu: Enhance colors (brightness/contrast/gamma/rgb)
- Enable gamma correction for all loaded images (Properties->Viewing)
- New button in batch dialog: Use current directory as output
- Some minor bugs/features fixed/added

IrfanView 3.10 (Data wydania: 22.12.1999)

- Support: You can support IrfanView if you visit IrfanView sponsors in: Über->Unterstützen. (german IrfanView only) Many many thanks! :-)
- Read support for PSP-4 format (Paint Shop Pro IrfanView 6, first layer)
- New: Saving files as PBM/PGM/PPM (binary and ascii)
- New scan option: Batch Scanning (Menu: File)
- New plugin, allows IrfanView to play Real Audio (*.RA) files::
   (The RealPlayer from must be installed)
- New plugin is available for some rare image formats:
- New options for multipage images (Menu: View->Multipage images)
- New viewing option: 'Dither 24BPP images on 16BPP displays' (properties)
- Improved 'Properties->Extensions' (please assotiate your types again!)
- Improved resize/resample dialog (percentage of width/height)
- New options for advanced batch conIrfanView
- Screensaver is now disabled during the slideshow
- New command line option: '/closeslideshow' (see next line ...)
- New slideshow option: Close IrfanView after the last slideshow image
- Some PSD bugs are fixed
- Better compatibility with Windows 2000
- Some minor bugs/features fixed/added

IrfanView 3.07 (Data wydania: 20.10.1999)

- Support for Apple QuickTime 3 and 4 (activate in Properties->Others 2)
   => Support for QTIF, Mac PICT, FLI/FLC, FPX, SWF, MP3 formats
- Support for KDC format (Kodak Digital Camera format) as plugin:
- Change: the Filter Factory part is now moved to a plugin:
- Change: the LWF format is now moved to a plugin:
- New thumbnail option: print selected thumbs as single pages
- New slideshow option: Don't display same image again (if random slideshow)
- New option in Properties->Extensions (read only associated types)
- New option in Properties->Others 2: Enable/Disable MRUDs in File menu
- New feature: count colors used (Menu: Image)
- Improved contrast control
- New feature: read/write TIFFs with ZIP compression
- New option: show videos with desktop size (menu: options->video size)
- New command line option: '/killmesoftly' (close all IrfanView instances)
- Some minor bugs/features fixed/added

IrfanView 3.05 (Data wydania: 26.07.1999)

- New: Help file is available! Many many thanks to Steve Clark! :-)
- Support for SFW files (Seattle Film Works)
- New feature: Open any file in HEX viewer (Menu: File)
- New view option: Show HEX view of file (HotKey: F3, like Total Commander)
- New option in Properties->Others2: Don't change index after renaming
- New View menu item: Start/Stop automatic moving through directory
- New features in thumbnail window (toolbar, MRUDs, browse button)
- New thumbnail options (in thumbnail window)
- New fullscreen options: Rotate (L/R), Flip (H/V)
- New command line option: '/thumbs' (start IrfanView in thumbnail mode)
- New option in Properties->Viewing: Always center window when load new image
- New option: show file information for AVI/MPG/MOV/WAV files
- New feature: Add subdirectories in Slideshow/Batch dialog
- The command line option '/c=' is changed to '/convert='
- Some minor bugs/features fixed/added

IrfanView 3.02 (Data wydania: 07.06.1999)

- Support for PSP format (Paint Shop Pro files)
- New: Paste an image into another one (selection)
- New: Save thumbnails as an image
- New: Save thumbnails as HTML file
- New: Save thumbnails as separate images
- New: Open current file (or thumbnails) with external viewer/editor
- Support for AU and SND sound files (MS Active Movie is required !)
- Support for DAT files (Video CD) (MS Active Movie is required !)
- Support for ICL files (Icon Library)
- Improved support for EXE/DLL files (extracting icons)
- Some minor bugs/features fixed/added

IrfanView 3.00 (Data wydania: 06.04.1999)

- Finally: Thumbnails! Menu: File, Hotkey: T :-)
- New: Extract frames from MPG/MOV files is possible
- The edit field in the toolbar is now editable (set custom directory index)
- Move to next/previous file with PgDn/PgUp (if no vertical scrollbar)
- New option: Display 'Save'-Dialog for 'File->Save' (in Properties->Others)
- Some minor bugs fixed

IrfanView 2.98 (Data wydania: 19.01.1999)

- The memory bug with the Filter Factory is fixed !

IrfanView 2.97 (Data wydania: 11.01.1999)

- Support for the Photoshop Filter-Factory. Thanks to Michael Johannhanwahr :-)
  IrfanView's menu: 'Image->Effects->Filter Factory', Hotkey: K
  Supported are FF (*.8BF) filters. You can find more than 1500 (!!!) such filters at the web site of Steve Fisher:
- New edit option: Add text to image (into the selection)
- New: Capability to extract icons from (most) 32-bit EXE/DLL files
- Saving files as TGA (uncompressed)
- New menu item: 'View->Random file in directory', Hotkey: CTRL+M
- New menu item: 'View->No Zoom', Hotkey: CTRL+H
- New advanced batch option: 'Use aspect ratio' for resize
- New option: 'Use flat toolbar' in Properties->Others
- Some minor bugs fixed (animated cursors etc.)

IrfanView 2.95 (Data wydania: 27.11.1998)

- Improved batch conIrfanView ! (Button: Advanced Options) :-)
- Improved print capabilities (preview :-)
- Playing audio CDs in background (Menu: Options or File->Open)
- New option: Color balance (change RGB intensity)
- New effect: 3D Button
- The toolbar is now flat
- New shell options in: properties->extensions->advanced (SendTo, View with ...)
- New options in the 'Decrease color depth'-Dialog (Custom number of colors)
- New option in Properties->GIF: Show transparency in single images
- New viewing option: Show filename transparent: y/n (in Properties->Viewing)
- Some command line problems are fixed
- Exit fullscreen mode with: left mouse click in the left/right upper corner
- New hotkey: C (for Options->Capture)
- New hotkey: CTRL+A (for File->Acquire)

IrfanView 2.92 (Data wydania: 10.11.1998)

- Read support for G3 FAX files (the extension MUST BE *.g3 or *.G3 !!)
- New effect: Pixelize
- New effect: Fine Rotation
- New menu item: Image->Effects->Setup (set parameters for effects)
- All effects are now available for selections too :-) (selection or full image)
- New fullscreen option: view images with the normal size (in properties->viewing)
- New menu item: Loop video/music (menu: options)
- New slideshow option: Random after mouse/keyboard input
- Improved cropping (undo is now possible) ;-)
- The 'Extract AVI Frames'-Bug under WinNT is fixed
- Some minor bugs fixed

IrfanView 2.90 (Data wydania: 13.10.1998)

- Improved resampling !!! Better results than Photoshop ;-)
- New effects: Sharpen, Blur, Oil paint, Emboss, Edge detection, Median, Explosion
- Support for LWF files (LuRaWave format, Wavelet compression)
  (Note: IrfanView can't save images larger than 640 x 480 pixels as LWF ! =>
  For large images use the 'LuraWave Studio' from WWW.LURATECH.COM)
- Support for ASCII PBM/PGM/PPM files (reading)
- Support for AIF sound files (MS Active Movie is required !)
- The Slideshow timer can be now less than one second
- Improved support for WMF/EMF (Batch conIrfanView is now possible)
- Saving file as EMF (Enhanced windows metafile)
- New option: 'Fit images to the whole screen in the fullscreen mode' (Viewing)
- New scrolling possibilty: with the right mouse button (press and move)

IrfanView 2.85 (Data wydania: 21.08.1998)

- Support for EPS files (Encapsulated PostScript, TIFF preview only)
- Support for CLP files (Windows Clipboard file)
- Support for CAM files (Casio digital camera file, with JPG)
- The 'Capture' feature is available :-)
- New feature: Extract all AVI frames ! (options->extract all frames)
- Display mouse coordinates (single mouse click/move)
- New option: Hide mouse cursor in fullscreen and slideshow mode
- New hotkey: CTRL-W (start slideshow with files from current directory)
- New hotkey: Shift+G (for Gamma correction)
- Better compatibility with Win98 (registry)

IrfanView 2.83 (Data wydania: 03.07.1998)

- The slideshow bug on some systems is fixed
- New options: (in the 'Properties' dialog):
- New option: Delete to Recycle Bin
- New option: Jump to the next file after deleting
- New option: Ask to overwrite file for 'Save' and 'Save as'
- New option: Don't notify if the end/begin of the directory is reached
- New hotkey: Ctrl+Y for Crop
- Some minor bugs fixed

IrfanView 2.82 (Data wydania: 21.06.1998)

- New menu item: About->Thanks :-)
- Support for DCX files (multiple PCX)
- Support for windows cursor files (*.CUR)
- Support for animated windows cursor files (*.ANI)
- New menu item: Save (Hotkey: Ctrl+S) - save current file in the same folder
- New option: Extract all frames (for ANIs and animated GIFs)
- New command line option: '/c=filename' (convert input file to 'filename')
  Example: i_view32 c:\test.bmp /c=c:\giftest.gif
  => Convert file: 'c:\test.bmp' to 'c:\giftest.gif' without GUI :-)
  (Note: supported are all IrfanView read/save formats except: AVI,MOV,MPG,WAV,MID)
- New slideshow option: Sort (files by name, date etc.)
- New option: video size (for AVI, MOV and MPG)
  Set the video size for all videos :-)
- New hotkey: D (for edit->delete: remove image from the memory/screen)
- New options in 'Properties->Viewing':
  a) View all files in directory (enable/disable moving with space/backspace)
  b) Set the zoom step (deafult: 10 %)
- Moving with <- and -> in WAV, AVI, MPG, MOV, MID
- Some minor bugs fixed

IrfanView 2.80 (Data wydania: 03.05.1998)

- New !!! The toolbar is now available :-)
- Support for MPEG/MOV files (MS Active Movie is required !)
- Support for Adobe Photoshop files (*.PSD)
- Support for Corel PhotoPaint 6.0 files (*.CPT) ... this is a TIFF ;-)
- New edit options: CUT/CROP (select a portion of image with the left mouse button)
  Now you can cut or copy portions of an image :-)
- New: The ONE-Step UNDO option is available (see next line)
- New option in 'Properties->Others': "Use UNDO option" (deafult is OFF to save memory)
- Undo is available for following changes:
  Resize/Resample, Increase/Decrease color depth, Convert to grayscale, Negative, Brightness, Contrast,
  Gamma correction, Cut
- New options in 'Properties->Extensions' (Set Icon, Other extensions)
- New option in 'Properties->Others': "Create desktop link for IrfanView32"
- The zoom step is now always 10 % (10 % till 1000 %)

IrfanView 2.68 (Data wydania: 27.03.1998)

- Choosing between 5 copy/move directories (ask for copy/move must be ON)
- Some print bugs are fixed

IrfanView 2.66 (Data wydania: 17.03.1998)

- Some BMP bugs are fixed (RLE 4)
- Some IFF bugs are fixed (HAM 6)
- Some RAS bugs are fixed (support for compressed SunRAS)
- Support for 40-BPP images
- Some minor bugs fixed

IrfanView 2.65 (Data wydania: 03.03.1998)

- Scan support (TWAIN)
- New menu option: Sort directory files (by name/date/size/extension)
- Some IFF bugs are fixed
- The bug with some long names is fixed
- New menu item: Minimize (to task bar), Hotkey: M (BOSS-Key ;-)
- Some minor bugs fixed

IrfanView 2.63 (Data wydania: 25.01.1998)

- New view menu item: 'Multipage TIFF' (next/previous page etc.)
- New GIF save option: 'Save Interlaced'
- Some GIF bugs are fixed
- The german IrfanView of IrfanView is available :-)

IrfanView 2.60 (Data wydania: 15.12.1997)

- New feature: Batch ConIrfanView :-)
- New menu item: Increase color depth (to 4, 8, 24 BPP)
- New menu item: Decrease color depth (to 1, 4, 8 BPP)
- New menu item: Resample image (Smooth), better than 'Resize', but slower
- New option in 'Properties->Other': "Use 'Smooth' for Fit To Desktop ..."
- New slideshow option: 'Add All' :-)
- New options in the 'Resize' dialog

IrfanView 2.55 (Data wydania: 16.11.1997)

- Improved GIF-Animation
- Support for sound files: WAV, MID and RMI
- Enabled Zooming/Scrolling in the fullscreen mode
- The bug with some 24-BPP IFF-Files is fixed
- The bug with some 24-BPP TARGA-Files is fixed
- New command line option: '/slideshow=txtname.txt'
  Example: i_view32.exe /slideshow=c:\mypics.txt
  Note: The file 'c:\mypics.txt' contains, in each line, a name of the image, including the full path !

IrfanView 2.52 (Data wydania: 16.10.1997)

- All Save options are now in the Save dialog
- Preview support for Windows Metafiles
- Preview support for AVIs (Video for Windows)
- New option: 'Gamma Correction'
- New: 'Best fit to desktop' is now "on" or "off"
- New feature in the 'Resize' dialog: 'Preserve aspect ratio'
- Improved 'Brightness' and 'Contrast'
- Support for 64-BPP PNGs
- Save large images as ICO (more than 128 x 128 pixels)
- Remember the last slideshow file list
- Some minor bugs fixed

IrfanView 2.50 (Data wydania: 27.09.1997)

- Saving files as ICO (The maximum size for an ICON is: 128 x 128 pixels)
- Support for uncompressed PCXs (read)
- New option: 'Convert to 2 Colors (black/white)'
- New option: 'Clear MRUDs' (in 'Properties->Other Options')
- New option: 'Rename File' (Hotkey: F6)
- New slideshow option: 'Random display'
- New print option: 'Vertical - Best Fit'
- New option: 'Swap Colors' (RGB->RBG, RGB->BGR, RGB->BRG, RGB->GBR, RGB->GRB)
- Improved 'Set as Wallpaper' (centered/tiled/restore)
- Improved AVI playing
- Some ICO bugs are fixed (black/white ICONs etc.)
- The registry-bug with some extensions is fixed (ICO, BMP)

IrfanView 2.40 (Data wydania: 02.07.1997)

- Support for TIFFs with the JPEG compression (read/write)
- The bug with some LZW TIFFs is now fixed (incorrect colors etc.)
- Support for TIFFs with separated color channels (read)
- Support for YCbCr TIFFs (read)

IrfanView 2.37 (Data wydania: 18.06.1997)

- Brightness/Contrast dialog: CANCEL button is available
- New option: 'Edit palette' (display and edit image palette)
- New options in 'Properties->GIF', choose transparent GIF color (palette index)
- Some minor bugs fixed

IrfanView 2.35 (Data wydania: 05.06.1997)

- Support for PBM/PGM/PPM file formats (binary only)
- Support for Amiga IFF/LBM format
- Save GIFs with transparent(background) color (=black)
- New menu item: 'MRUDs' = 'most recently used directories' (Menu: 'File')
  (IrfanView can remember the last 5 viewing directories)
- New option: 'Remember last window position' in 'Properties->others'
- Some minor bugs fixed

IrfanView 2.32 (Data wydania: 25.05.1997)

- Play animated GIFs in normal window (no fullscreen more :-)
- Improved GIF-Saving (save as 1 and 4 bits-per-pixel)
- Saving file as PCX
- Support for CMYK TIFFs
- Enabled copy/move files in the fullscreen mode (F8/F7)
- Remember the last viewing/saving directory
- Remember the last window position
- New options for slideshow: load/save slideshow, pause (press 'Pause')
- New option: 'Always on Top' (Menu: 'Options')

IrfanView 2.30 (Data wydania: 04.05.1997)

- New feature: PREVIEW option ('File->Open')
- Support for multiple ICONs (1,4,8,16,24 and 32 bits-per-pixel)
- The bug with 'Properties' under WinNT 4.0 Service-Pack-2 is now fixed
- New options for slideshow (see 'slideshow')

IrfanView 2.27 (Data wydania: 15.04.1997)

- New feature: SLIDESHOW :-)
  How to use? You can add files to the slideshow list with:
  a) Drag & Drop (select one or more files ...)
  b) Select one or more files and press the 'ADD' button
  c) Double click on the filename

IrfanView 2.25 (Data wydania: 31.03.1997)

- New features: converting to greyscale, negative, brightness and contrast
- Bugs with some BMPs are fixed (new decompression routine)
- New menu item: 'Refresh directory' -> update of directory indexes (hotkey: 'U')
- New option in 'Properties->Multiple GIF': "None" (for no animation)
- New hotkey: 'Shift+R' for "Reopen"
- Double click on left mouse button -> Fullscreen
- Click on left mouse button -> load previous image (in fullscreen mode only!)
- Click on right mouse button -> load next image (in fullscreen mode only!)
- New registration price: 10 USD or 15 DEM ;-)

IrfanView 2.22 (Data wydania: 17.02.1997)

- Support for some special JPEGs (Adobe ...)
- Improved rotating left/right for black/white and 16-color images
- Improved Drag&Drop (IrfanView changes immediately to the target directory :-)
- The option: 'Always fit to desktop for big images' is available again :-)
- Bugs with some GIFs and PCXs are fixed
- The animated-GIF dialog moved to 'Properties->Multiple GIF' :-)
- Jump to the first/last file (after reaching last/first image in directory, - IrfanView jumps to the first/last image in directory)
- New option: 'Ask to rename if incorrect extension' (in 'Other options')
- Some minor bugs fixed

IrfanView 2.20 (Data wydania: 28.01.1997)

- The BIGGEST IrfanView Bug is fixed !!! :-) (now you can resize images to any size you wish without deformations and
  cache contents inserted in the picture)
- Support for 16-bpp (BitsPerPixel) BMPs/DIBs and 16-bpp TIFFs (read only)
- Better horizontal flip for black/white images
- The option: 'Always fit to desktop for big images' is not more available
- The IrfanView-Code was again optimized :-) => the EXE file is smaller

IrfanView 2.18 (Data wydania: 06.01.1997)

- The bug with corrupted GIFs is fixed
- Support for Multipage-TIFFs with more than 256 pages (pictures)
- New options in "Properties->Extensions": 'Select all' and 'Clear all'
- Support for (*.SUN) extension (=RAS, Sun Raster Images)
- Modifications in About-Box

IrfanView 2.17 (Data wydania: 16.12.1996)

- Multipage-TIFF support ! (One of the first viewers with multipage TIFF support)
- Support for 'Exif'-JPEGs
- New option in "Properties->Copy/Move/Save": default 'save as' directory
- Rename-question for files with incorrect extension
- The Multiple-GIF timer is now much better :)
- Some minor bugs fixed (very large GIFs, 'paste->save as')

IrfanView 2.15 (Data wydania: 30.11.1996)

- Multiple (animated) GIF Support ! IrfanView is the first graphic viewer WORDWIDE with Multiple GIF support (read
  only). (One known bug: with some specially transparency combinations). Much fun :)
- New menu: Convert to 256 colors (for true-color images only)
- Some WMF bugs are fixed (with old (Win 3.x) WMFs)
- Now: "Save as" with lower case names
- And you can copy my E-Mail address from 'About-Box' :)

IrfanView 2.12 (Data wydania: 16.11.1996)

- The GIF-Decompression is now totally rewritten ! I hope without bugs :)
- Windows metafiles support (WMF=Windows Metafile and EMF=Enhanced Metafile)
- Command line support for AVIs (Fullscreen for AVI is not available)
- Some minor bugs fixed (startbar, extensions etc.)

IrfanView 2.10 (Data wydania: 27.10.1996)

- Print Support
- "Always fit to desktop" was changed to "Always fit to desktop for big images"
- Some minor bugs fixed (GIFs, rotate under WinNT, overlapping)
- NEW ! Command line options: /one /fs /bf /pos=(x,y) /title=text :
  /one - force "only one instance"
  /fs - force Full Screen
  /bf - force Best Fit
  /title=text - set window title
  /pos=(x,y) - move window to x,y
  Note: ONLY lower case options are supported !

IrfanView 2.07 (Data wydania: 20.10.1996)

- AVI support (video for windows)
- Jump to first/last file in the directory (CTRL+F, CTRL+L)
- New option: allways fit to desktop (properties->other options)
- FINALLY: "Save as", non-extension support
- Read support for extensions: *.jpeg, *.tiff
- Correct displaying of all Photo-CD files (rotate)
- Copy/move/delete windows
- Copying/moving: Replace question if the file exists (replace of read-only files)
- More hotkeys (rotate, flip, properties, imageinfo etc.)
- Some minor bugs fixed (GIF,RAS)

IrfanView 2.05 (Data wydania: 29.09.1996)

- Edit options (Copy/Paste/Delete/Cler Clipboard)
- New in "Properties->Other options": Only 1 instance of IrfanView is active
- Better "Save as", non-extension support
- Read-Header function is implemented, warning if incorrect extension
- Some fast-directory-view buges fixed (like: last image etc.)

IrfanView 2.00 (Data wydania: 02.09.1996)

- Progressive JPEG support (read/save)
- Alphabetical sorting of images in directory
- Some minor bugs fixed

>IrfanView 1.99 (Data wydania: 25.08.1996)

- New fast directory view ! This part is now totally rewritten; no more lost files and uncomplete lists. Files are shown in the
  order how they stay in FAT, that means unsorted. Comming in next release: sorting files in alphabetical order.
- Fixed bugs with some ICOs, and compressed BMPs

IrfanView 1.98a (Data wydania: 16.08.1996)

- Fixed bug with 256-colour-ICO
- Fixed bugs with fit-to-desktop and resize
- New menu outfit
- Zoom percentage shown in title bar
- Positioning window somewhere else than top left corner
  (biggest known bug: IrfanView still can NOT correctly resize images whose dimensions exceed actual screen resolution; if
  you do not want to cut edges of your image, void saving in this situation)

IrfanView 1.98 (Data wydania: 09.08.1996)

- Viewing ICO
- Resize image
- Zooming in and out
  (known bug: zooming in large images works till now only up to 500 %)

IrfanView 1.97 (Data wydania: 03.08.1996)

- Viewing RAS
- Fixed some bugs with fast directory view and GIF

IrfanView 1.95 (Data wydania: 01.08.1996)

- Viewing TGA
- Image flip/rotate
- Image copy/move to another directory
- New tab-dialogs (Menu: Options->Properties)
- IrfanView doesn't support Win32s any more

IrfanView 1.90 (Data wydania: 18.07.1996)

- Viewing Photo CD
- "Fast directory view" (jump to next image in the current directory with space, to previous with backspace)
- Set image as wallpaper

IrfanView 1.85 (Data wydania: 01.07.1996)

- Windows 95-dialogs (open/save file)
- Viewing 2 bits per pixel PNG
- Saving file as TIFF

IrfanView 1.80 (Data wydania: 15.06.1996)

- Viewing PCX and RLE
- Viewing grayscale TIFF
- Fixed some bugs with GIF

IrfanView 1.70 (Data wydania: 01.06.1996)

- Viewing TIFFs (uncompressed, Huffmann fax group 3, fax group 4)

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